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Links to Southern Campaign Information

Link to Overmountain Victory Trail “The Story” as told to our chapter meeting at The Hermitage, January 2016.
Link to Southern Campaign studies site on-line magazine.
—Thank you Caroline Baxter
Link to Pension applications and other data.
—Thank you Will Graves and Leon Harris
Lincoln County at BKM, 2009 —Thank you WL Anderson
Link to SC and Lincoln County NC Militia Routes. Not all the Kings Mountain patriots came over the mountain.—Thank you Randell Jones and WL Anderson
Link to Commanders at Kings Mountain JD Bailey 1926
Link to Charlotte WTVI presentation of Southern Campaign. Historically more accurate than most. Still fails to recognize some patriot casualties.
Link to Some Heroes of the American Revolution Rev JD Bailey, Gaffney SC, 1924
Link to History of SW Virginia LP Summers
Link to 07Oct1880 Kings Mountain Centennial Library of Congress
Link to 1880 Kings Mtn Publication by De Peyster descendant, opposing accounts
Link to 1941 National Park Service Kings Mountain Brochure Rifles and Riflemen
Link to Dr. Lyman C Draper’s “Kings Mountain and its Heroes” text from the book for search
Link to Dr. Lyman C Draper’s “Kings Mountain and its Heroes” pictorial of the book
Link to 1928 War Dept report, Cowpens and Kings Mountain

NPS Suggested Readings
ALDEN, JOHN RICHARD, American Revolution 1775—1783, The New American Nation Series, Harper and Brothers, New York, 1954.
BAILEY, J. D., Commanders At Kings Mountain, Gaffney, S. C., 1926.
DRAPER, LYMAN C., Kings Mountain And Its Heroes, Peter G. Thomson, Cincinnati, 1881; Dauber and Pine Bookshops, New York, 1929.
FERGUSON, JAMES, Two Scottish Soldiers, “A Soldier of 1688 and Blenheim, A Soldier Of The American Revolution,” D. Wyllie & Son, Aberdeen, 1888.
GEORGE, J. N., English Guns and Rifles, Small Arms Technical Publishing Company, Plantersville, S. C.
SCOFIELD, JOHN, “Patrick Ferguson’s Rifle,” The American Rifleman, December, 1941.
WALLACE, WILLARD M., Appeal to Arms, “A Military History of the American Revolution,” Harper & Brothers, New York, 1951.

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