Kings Mountain project

The 1909 obelisk at the Kings Mountain battlefield lists 66 patriot casualties of which 54 are reasonably accurate. Two weeks after the battle, at old Salem Tavern (Winston Salem) Cols. Campbell, Cleveland, and Shelby knew of 90 casualties, but the McDowell, Williams, Lacey, and Clarke forces were not present to report. We know of reports of over 120 patriot casualties from some estimates of about 160.

Click to open plaques showing commanders and captains of the patriot casualties.

We’d like to develop at least 120 individual electronic “virtual bronze” monuments and a “virtual bronze plaque” to supplement the information-poor plaque affixed to the 1909 monument in January 1910. Click to open individual patriot links. Browse and choose a patriot for whom you will help produce an electronic monument. Most have a good head start. Those already adopted will show a symbol © or ®. Volunteer to adopt an “orphan patriot” by clicking on the “contact us” tab. Send a message briefly identifying yourself and your chosen Kings Mountain patriot casualty. If you have not heard from us in ten days, contact us again to ask why not.

We called it a Christmas Tree when it had a star on top and a ribbon of popcorn. Some years it progressed not so far beyond. Most years’ trees were much more elaborately decorated. A kings Mountain patriot casualty plaque must have one of the stars who deserved the purple heart ribbon. How elaborately decorated his monument becomes is up to the contributor.