Decorating a patriot’s electronic monument

There is some practical end to the number of ornaments we placed on the Christmas tree. Such is also true for the electronic decorations we store in our rented space in the clouds. Especially for those who gave blood at Kings Mountain, but were ignored on the monument plaque, give some urgency to recording the facts in text and posting his electronic monument in lieu of marble and bronze. We can come back to beautify it a time or two later. Just a few ideas for making electronic ornaments to place on the Microsoft Word .docx file which we will eMail to you to prepare the text for your adopted patriot:

-bronze plaque

bronze plaque
My grandchildren can probably do it better.
I used Microsoft paint to draw a background in bronze tone, another in pewter tone. I pasted in ornamental corner bolts and a purple heart picture saving a few versions of background pictures. I used Microsoft powerpoint to paste one of the backgrounds into a slide, then type over with whatever inscriptions I had researched and prepared. Then I saved the powerpoint screen as a .jpeg picture which I could insert into my Microsoft word document. No need to reinvent the wheel. Use the “contact us” tab to ask for a powerpoint plaque from a patriot’s pattern. Then you can overtype your inscription.

Few patriots survived to the creations of the words camera and photograph. Most hillbillies, I mean Bluegrass Americans, were too busy performing survival chores to sit for portraits or paint pictures of homesteads. Tombstones or landscapes of farms are the only photo subjects you might find for pasting into the MSWord .doc.

Microsoft sound recorder is a tool for making electronic audio files. A minute or two audio clip by a recognized voice (my voice is not photogenic) can add to your monument. Type up a brief snippet and enlist a broadcaster, NASCAR star, singer, or politician to read it and record it. eMail the .wav or .mp3 file and we can post it to play when your monument is viewed. Caught in the battle of the .com giants, there is no universal automatic audio player. It will be a click to download to work on the player of the Apple or IBM PC device of the visitor.

For your rainy day pleasure, you might locate important places in the life of your patriot. Birthplace, marriage place, first farm, residence on 07Oct1780, residence at death, and gravesite are some of the places which can be pinpointed for some people. A sample may be seen through the link below which shows topo 1950s timeframe maps with thumbtacks at the geographical co-ordinates tagged for that place. You may click, zoom, and drag the map. County survey books recorded corner monuments and named adjoining owners to define the places for farms of typical four to five hundred acre size. Many soldiers received land grants in lieu of cash from empty state treasuries. Zoom in and drag a place under the crosshair center of the ACME map. Then drag across the co-ordinates in the lower right box and save to pinpoint the place you are identifying. eMail your places and we can add to thumbtacks already identified for neighbors or other landmarks from the 1780s.
BKM map. Click, zoom, drag, and enjoy.