Background sounds compliments of “”. Close your eyes and place yourself on South England Street in Colonial Williamsburg as the fife and drum corps marches by.

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Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps

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Link to The Southern Campaign Revolutionary War, concentrating on the south. Pension applications of thousands of patriots, rosters, and other interesting material may be searched. Most of the historians and publishers were coastal, like Boston, Charleston, and Philadelphia. Except for battles Charleston, Cowpens, and Guilford Courthouse, war activity south of Yorktown was much forgotten.

Link to Battle of Kings Mountain National Park study Page Learn about patriot casualties missed by the 1909 monument plaque.

Link to Overmountain Victory Trail Association Page Western Carolinas, East Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia national park supporters
This sign was how the patriots were able to find Colonel Ferguson?
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Link and listen to our national march while you look around. Stars and Stripes Forever by the President’s Own US Marine Corps Band
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Where Ben Franklin would shop if alive today Jas Townsend & Son

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